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There always been a general debate how china has conquered the world manufacturing scenario. As we see it, it is quite simple and we should learn and apply the same concepts in India, if India really wants to join the 21st century and be a world player.

Today, in our competitive environment of business, the need to cut Production Costs, Improve Quality and to Lower Production time, is more than ever before. The present demands us to change our production styles and be at par with International environment of working.

First is to adopt to modern machinery which can provide maximum production with lowest labor and electrical cost. Despite all raw materials being available indigenously, we fail to achieve quality and cost which other countries have achieved due to our manufacturing technology being obsolete.

Second, which is rather more important for the successful and hassle free running of the unit is to have spares and service backup. Also to run the machine with optimal results, one needs to have proper training and knowledge of performance capacity of the machine.

Being in the Wire & Cable Industry for more than two decades and our Managing Director himself being in polymer Technology, our organization is well verse with the technicalities and problems that prevails in our environment and work culture.

Sad but true, In India we don’t have as Technical machine developers as we see in China and other countries. The fastest way, we see towards the growth of our Industry, is to adopt Machinery which has been already developed and proven to be most successful economically and in reliability. Parovi Machines is a Technical Sourcing company that provides know how and best quality machines for wire and cable Industry.

Another topic of debate is why we(Parovi Machines) succeed whereas other’s are unable to source the technology from is explained below:

Why people fail in sourcing from OUTSIDE INDIA?

There could be numerous reasons for the failure but the prominent ones are:
  • MISMATCH OF SPECIFICATIONS: Product sources (Both commodity and machine) do not match the requirements because of communication barrier and lack of direct interaction with technical staff of the suppliers
  • SUB-STANDARD MATERIAL: The suppliers deliver sub-standard material as they feel that the buyers are one time clients
  • FALSE CLAIMS BY FACTORIES: Factories are not capable of delivering but their catalogues put forth false claims.
  • ONLY SALES MINDED STAFF AT SUPPLIER’S END: The sales staff which interacts with the clients is sales oriented not customer oriented and hence make false promises about the specifications , performance parameters and components used in machines. Generally the sales staff in Supplier’s unit are girls who only are appointed as they can speak English. These international sales managers most often work only a year or two and leave their companies for other ventures. By the time the customer understands that all claims that were made at times of sales , the sales managers are nowhere to be found.
  • UNREACHABLE LOCALLY ESTABLISHED SUPPLIER: Buyers can not reach the best and locally established suppliers as the Real Industries who are already popular and successful are already busy and lagging behind to fulfil the orders and donot much participate in International exhibitions. The buyers can only contact a few suppliers who have their web presence or those who participated in exhibition.

The list could go on but these are some of the major problems which most of the company would have faced while sourcing from China.

Why Us

The following list provides some of the reasons why you should do business with us:

  • EXPERIENCED COMPANY: The Company has more than 10 years of experience in this industry with more than 700 clients who we are servicing successfully.
  • DIVERSE EXPERIENCE OF DIFFERENT INDUSTRIES: The Company had experience in more than 20 industries for both machine sourcing and commodity sourcing.
  • TECHNICALLY QUALIFIED STAFF: The company MD is a Technocrat himself with vast manufacturing experience. Our team engineers are well trained and qualified to attend any machine problems.
  • ACCESS TO RENOWEND & PROMINENT SUPPLIERS: We contact the locally established factories which are Famous locally and supplying to the established industries at China. This assures the best quality available in the industry.
  • ACCESS TO SUPPLIERS ESTABLISHED AT REMOTE LOCATIONS: We not only contact the factories which are established in big cities but also ensure that the factories which are located in remote areas should also be included. This ensures the best of the prices which are available.
  • REGULAR DEALINGS: Big factories do not entertain small clients or one time clients. But in our case, since we have regular dealing with these companies we could get our orders made at priority and with best of the quality.
  • BETTER NEGOTIATING POWER: One time buyers could not negotiate well and they will have after sales service problem also. We, as a sourcing agent, are dealing with these companies on regular basis and hence could negotiate better and also assure timely after sales service support.
  • ACCESSIBILITY OF OWNERS AND MANAGEMENT: The clients do not have an approach to the owners/management staff of the factory since they deal with the English Speaking sales staff because of the language barrier. Since, we are well established in China and have Chinese speaking Staff , we have approach to direct management and this way we an assure you that the product delivered will be as per the requirements.

Since we would like to give our clients a hassle free experience of Dealing and setting up new factories, we provide Technical Consultations as early as setting up the layout of the factory and designing the factory. Of course, then follows selecting the right machines, managing time lines, Installations, Training and aftersales services thereafter….