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Radiator Scrap Recycling Machine Radiator Scrap Recycling Machine
Technical Parameters
Name Scrap Radiator Recycling Production Line
Treating Material Scrap Radiator
Treating Volume 1500-2000KG Per Hour
Total Power(KW) 150
Overall Dimension 23200mm×6520mm×5130mm
Temperature -17~45℃
Dust Removement Rate Over 99.9%
Iron Recycling Rate over 99.9%
上 copper and aluminum recycling rate: over97%
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Radiator Scrap Recycling Machine



The crusher is designed with double axis roller. The model has the advantages of small noise, large torque and large crushing chamber. The design of tool shape is unique. It has a great grip on bulk materials, hollow materials, etc. The tool material is made of special tool steel which is specially treated. In the process of operation, it has the effects of cracking, breaking and extruding. The advantages include strong crushing capability, concentrated crushing strength and wide crushing scope. PLC intelligent control is used in the operation of the equipment. Automatic alarm when overloaded, stop feed automatically. Make the operation more humanized and simple

Technical Parameters
Name Parameter
Dimensions 2520mm x 2500mm x 2900mm
Inlet Width 1050mm
Crushing Chamber Area 1050mm x 920mm
Crushing Capacity Above 2000KG
Machine Weight 6 tons
Speed 9r/min
Crushed Grain Size 5 cm long irregular strip material
No of Spindles 2
blades 18
Bushings 18
Bearing 6
Blade Three Claw
Outer Diameter 345mm
Inner Hole Six Side Shape, Each Side 128mm,
Thickness 50mm
Material 9CrSI with Heat Treatment
Spindle Six-Angle Short Axis 128mm X 1460mm
Material 40 Cr With Heat Treatment
Motor Model JM1-200L-4
Motor Power 30KW 4 pole
Motor Speed 1470r/min
Motor Brand Zhejiang Jinlong Motor
Gear Box Speed 90 r/min
Gear Box Torque More Than 40000 N.M.
Gearbox Type K167R107-Y30-4P - 151
Gear Box Size 1360mm * 610mm * 790mm
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Radiator Scrap Recycling Machine
Belt Conveyor

The belt conveyor is a continuous conveyor, which is a closed ring conveyor belt as a traction and bearing component, which is bypassed and tensioned on the front and back rollers, and the conveying task is completed by the continuous movement of the conveyor belt. It can deliver a large amount of material in the direction of low level or incline, complete the task of transferring material between the various working procedures, greatly improve the production efficiency, reduce the production cost, and reduce the labor intensity of the workers. It has the advantages of large quantity of transportation, long transportation distance, convenient operation and maintenance, stable and reliable work, no damage to the material, small friction resistance between the parts, no noise and low power consumption This product is suitable for working in the environment of -25 ~+40 ℃, humidity less than 85%, below the altitude of 1000 m, without flammable, explosive and corrosive medium.

Technical Parameters of Conveyors
Properties 1st Conveyer 2nd Conveyor 3rd Conveyor 4th Conveyor 5th Conveyor
Conveyor Belt Size Length Center Distance 5000mm, effective width 700mm Length Center Distance 6000mm, effective width 700mm Length Center Distance 3000mm, effective width 700mm Length Center Distance 3000mm, effective width 700mm length Center Distance 6000mm, effective width 450mm
Conveyor Belt Thickness 10mm 10mm 10mm 5mm 5mm
Conveyor Type Skirt Type, Spacing 70mm Skirt Type, Spacing 70mm Skirt Type, Spacing 70mm Flat Belt Without Skirt Flat Belt Without Skirt
Conveyor Belt Material Rubber Rubber Rubber Rubber Rubber
Conveyor Bearing Capacity 400 KG 400 KG 280KG/ meters 100KG/ meters 100KG/ meters
Transport Height - 3050 mm 2150mm 800mm 800mm
Drive Mode Worm Reducer Type: NMRW090 Worm Reducer Type: NMRW090 Worm Reducer Type: NMRW090 Worm Reducer Type: NMRW075 Worm Reducer Type: NMRW075
Speed Ratio 60 60 30 60 60
Brand Autofast Technology Autofast Technology Autofast Technology Zhejiang Sankai Zhejiang Sankai
Motor Type S100L1-4 S100L1-4 Y2-90L-4 JL1-71M2-4 JL1-71M2-4
Power 2.2KW 4 pole 2.2KW4 pole 1.5KW4 pole 0.37KW4 pole 0.37KW4 pole
Speed 1420r/min 1420r/min 1420r/min 1470r/min 1470r/min
Radiator Scrap Recycling Machine



The hammer rotates at a high speed in the broken chamber and produces impact and shear force on the broken material, so that the material is crushed to a certain size and the material is evenly sized through screen.

Technical Parameters
Name Parameter
Dimensions 2360mm x 3400mm x 3350mm
Inlet Width 1070mm
Crushing Chamber Area 1000mm x 760mm
Crushing Capacity Above 2000KG per hour
Machine Weight 4.8 tons
Speed 1800r/min
Crushed Grain Size Determined by the Aperture of the Screen Inside the Grinder.
No of Spindles 1
blades 24
Bushings 8 Large
Bearing 2
Blade Size 250 mm x 90mm X 18mm
Outer Diameter 345mm
Inner Hole Six Side Shape, Each Side 128mm,
Thickness 50mm
Material 65Mn made with heat treatment
Spindle Size 1530mm X 138mm
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Radiator Scrap Recycling Machine

Airflow separator


The mixture of particles with different proportions is given to one end of the bed and mixed with the air blowing from the gap in the bed. The particles are loosely fluidized and stratified according to the density difference, under the effects of gravity, electromagnetic exciting force and wind, the heavy particles are moved to the upper end of the bed under the friction and vibration of the plate, and the light particles float on the top of the bed surface, drift towards the lower end of the bed, thus achieving the separation of copper and aluminum.

Technical Parameters
Name Parameter
Dimensions 2000 mm X 1200mm X 1700mm,
Sorting Capacity is 2000KG/H
Crushing Chamber Area 1000mm x 760mm
Separation Quality more than 97%.
Vibrating screen Outer Size 1350mm X 980mm X 30mm
material The Bracket is Made of Wood, the Screen is Made of 304 Stainless Steel with the Density of 120 Mesh
Centrifugal Fan Model 4-72
Centrifugal Fan Speed 2900r/min
Centrifugal Fan Brand Shanghai Sihe
Centrifugal Fan Brand Flow 2664-5268m3/h
Full Pressure 1578-989Pa
Motor Model YVF-100L-2
Power 3KW 4 pole
Motor Brand Shanghai Liqi Mechatronics
Protection Grade IP55
Air Volume Adjustment Range 0-5268 m3/ H
Spindle Size 1530mm X 138mm
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Radiator Scrap Recycling Machine

Cyclone separator


After entering the cyclone separator, the centrifugal force is produced in the rotating process, and the dust particles with relative greater density than the gas are thrown to the wall of the cyclone separator. Once the dust particles contact with the cyclone separator, they lose the radial inertia force and fall down by the downward momentum and gravity along the wall. When the swirling downward swirling air reaches the cone, it draws closer to the center of the cyclone because of the conical contraction. According to the principle of rotation invariance, the tangential velocity increases continuously, and the centrifugal force of dust particles is also strengthened. When the air reaches a certain position in the lower end of the cone, that is the same rotation direction from the middle of the cyclone separator upwards in the middle, and continues to spiral motion to form the internal spiral flow. Finally, the purified gas is discharged through the exhaust pipe, and a small part of the dust particles that are not collected are also discharged.

Technical Parameters
Name Parameter
Cylinder: External Size 900mm X 2300mm
Inlet Size: 290mm
Outlet Size 290mm
External Diameter 900mm.
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Radiator Scrap Recycling Machine

Pulse Dust Collector


Because the airflow separator in the front end needs to discharge the dust gas and the small dust in the process of crushing, grinding and transporting, the pulse duster is equipped with the dust gas which the air separator needs to discharge the air separator and carries out filtration and settlement. In order to eliminate the pollution of dust to the atmosphere. The dust removal efficiency can reach 99.9%, the outer dimension is 3200mm * 1610mm * 5000mm.

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