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Coiling and Taping Machines

Suitable for taping high frequency data cables like DVI, HDMI, ATA, SATA, IEEE1394 with inline heating and self adhesion process for hot shrink tape synchronously.

Technical Parameters
Machine Model Ф500 Numerical control type double layer/Single vertical taping machine
Core Specification AWG32-AWG20
Taping Material Aluminium foil tape, Cotton Paper tape, Transparent tape, Mica tape, Teflon tape
Max. rpm MAX2000rpm/MAX28m/min
Power 1HP Motor With Adjustable Speed
Taping Tension Constant taping tension with load cells
Take-up Tension Constant take-up tension with dancer mechanism
Heat Oven Mobile telescopic hot oven, RKC temerature control, temperature tolerance : ± 1 °C
Pay-off Type Shaft type active take-up
Pay Off Size Ф300-Ф500
Take-Up size Ф400-Ф630
Machine Dimensions 4150 x 1400 x 1900
Machine Weight 2000kg
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