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Wire  Bunching and Laying Machine

Back twist pair bunching for LAN cable,CAT6 cable with insulated core wire ensuring equal twist tension.

Technical Parameters
Machien Model PRV-BT-H-500 PRV-BT-H-630
Conductor Dia. Ф0.32mm-Ф1.2mm Ф0.32mm-Ф1.2mm
Pay-Off Max.1000rpm.(2000Twist) Max.750rpm.(1500Twist)
Take-Up Max.2000rpm.(4000Twist) Max.1500rpm.(3000Twist)
Line Speed Max.300M/min Max.300M/min
Pitch Min.9.0mm Min.9.0mm
Bobbin Size Max. Ф500*0.w.375mm Max. Ф630*.0.w.475mm
Bobbin Loading & Unloading Electric Elevating System Electric Elevating System
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