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Wire  Bunching and Laying Machine

Auto high speed twisting machine for multi-strand conductors.

Technical Parameters
Machine Model PRV-HSB-300 PRV-HSB-500 PRV-HSB-630
Application Bare copper, Tinned copper, Enamelled wire, CCS, CCA, Core Wire Twisting.
Final Wire Range 19-32AWG 18-30AWG 16-26AWG
Twisted cross section 0.0137-0.45mm² 0.05-2.5mm² 0.80-6mm²
Diameter of Single Wire Ø 0.05-0.16mm Ф0.08-0.41mm Ф0.12-0.64mm
Lay Length/ Pitch 1.6-17.1mm 4.22mm-39.64mm 4.2-13mm
Lay length/ Pitch 1.6-17.1mm 4.22mm-39.64mm 4.2-13mm
Maximum Copper Weight in Spool 30kgs 250kgs 400kgs
Max Highaxis Rotation Speed 3000 RPM(6000t/min) 2500 RPM(5000t/min) 1600 RPM(3200t/min)
Twisting Direction Left or right
Auto-Stop Condition
  1. Autonomic stop in case of wire broken inside or outside
  2. When desired length achieved
Power 3HP VFD Controlled 5-7.5 HP VFD Controlled 10 HP VFD Controlled
Noise Level Approx 75 db Approx 75 db Approx 80 db
Machine Dimenstion (L)1800 X (W)750 X (H)850 (L)2690 X (W) 1060 X (H) 1230 (L)2850X (W)1500X (H)1600
Net Weight Approx. 850 kgs Approx. 2000 kgs Approx. 4000 kgs
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