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waste cable wire stripping machines

1800C is a specialized type of waste treatment cable production lines, the structure of the new, unique, production capacity, low power consumption, high sorting, feeding time, the completion of writing multiple machines. The successful development of the aircraft, which addresses the problem of incineration methods that appear to take copper, but also improve the quality of the recycled copper, and plastic recycling, colleagues solve environmental pollution.

Host Configuration:
4 sets of front and rear Vibrators + Double conveyor belt 2 * + Magnetic Belt Separator sets
Technical Parameters
Name Parameter Remarks
Dimensions 1300mm X 5000mm X 3100mm  
Total Weight 8500 KG  
Total power 415V / 115kw Can be Customized a Variety of Voltage
Crushing Capacity 8000-12000KG / 10H  
Processing Range φ0.15mm-φ30mm Good Separation Effect Than 0.2mm
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The Conveyor Belt 2

Belt conveyor is a continuous conveyor, which consists of a closed loop conveyor belt as the traction and bearing member, which bypasses the front and on the tensioning drum, a continuously moving conveyor belt to complete the task.

Effective Width (mm) 500
Power (kw) 1.5
Length (mm) 3.5
Category Polymer (black)
Structural Features Supporting Roller
1st Crusher

This type tears uniaxial crusher principle. Co-blade spindle 27, the interior of the cutter head 2 and the crusher tooth groups each set of shear knife rotates. Due to the biasing force generated by the rotation of the material crushed. The machine is driven by the drive shaft is rotated by the large gear box. A housing body portion, the holder, the security guard, hopper and other parts. Special tool material is made of tool steel with a special treatment, the unique shape design, during operation lyses, tearing, extruding and other effects. The waste crusher is widely used in wires, cables, PVC, PE, PP, PS and ABS plastic, glass, and CCL scrap, waste rubber (such as: waste tires), wood plastic waste pipe, the bulk material broken material. Any shape of the crushed material, a frame type, box type, hollow, cylindrical, spherical and various irregular shapes can be. The device is equipped with a hydraulic auxiliary feeding means, so that the material crushing more efficient and fully.

Name Parameter Remark
Name Crusher
Dimensions 1900mm X 1500mm X 2500mm  
weight 1900KG  
Feed Inlet Size 750mm X 500mm  
Blade Knife 27, Fixed Knife 2 15KG, Packed Volume of 320mm X 150mm X 80mm
Motor Power 30KW
2nd Crusher

This equipment has a hopper, the body, the spindle, and other components constitute. The machine consists of a drive motor through V-belt pulley is transmitted to the device spindle, spindle motor, driven by high-speed rotation. By the left side portion of the body casing, liner, right casing, bearings and bearing components. Star-shaped spindle section from the spindle, seat, blades and other parts. brokenIn star-shaped machine spindle (knife 10, fixed knife 4) continue to be a rotary shear breaking crude product was cut into approximately 3 ~ 5mm plastic skin with a copper core mixture.

Name Parameter Remark
Name 2ndCrusher
Feed inlet size 810mm X 280mm  
Blade Knife 10, fixed knife 4 Co-45KG, Packed Volume of 350mm X 180mm X 180mm
Motor Power 55KW  
Motor Power 55KW  
The Particle Size (mesh) ⌀2.5 mm (determined by sieving) 605mm X 410mm
Air Seperator

The machine is working, the plastic used to separate the mixture, without adding water

Name Parameter Remark
Name Air Seperator
Fan Speed 2900r / min  
A Vibratory Separator Web Area Sorting Quality ≥99% Co-45KG, Packed Volume of 350mm X 180mm X 180mm
Fan power 3KW * 2  
Local Oscillator Power 2.2KW X 2  
Vibration frequency 30-60HZ Domestic frequency 50HZ, frequency can be customized to 60HZ
Hair frequency 30-60HZ Domestic frequency 50HZ, frequency can be customized to 60HZ
Feed Conveyor
Name Parameter
Motor Power Feeding Conveyor 2.2KW X 2
Dust Removing Device
Name Parameter
Name Dust Removing Device
Motor Power (3KW + 3KW + 0.18KW) X 2
Bag 1000mm X φ200mm X 2
Dust bag 2500mm X φ400mm X 2