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Wire  Bunching and Laying Machine

The machine is mainly used for multiple pair laying of data cables, HDMI cables, power cables, bare copper wire (fine wire), Multicore shielded cables, control cables etc.


Single twist main unit, electric control panel, Central taping machine, side-way longitudinal taping device.

  • Computer control pitch, non-tension pulleys, active pay-off, high bending radius
  • Stranding main unit has cantilever arm structure, revolving body with low rotation inertia, high RPM and stable speed.
  • Coiling box moves left and right for traverse function stable pitch with stepless adjustment
  • Tray loading and discharging with easy mechanism
Technical Parameters
Machine Model PRV-ST-630 PRV-ST-800 PRV-ST-1000 PRV-ST-1250
Core OD Ф 0.5-Ф3.0mm Ф 0.8-Ф3.0mm Ф 0.1-Ф5.0mm Ф 1.0-Ф5.0mm
Max Stranding OD Ф 12mm Ф 20mm Ф 25mm Ф 30mm
Traverse Pitch 2-12mm 3-20mm 3-30mm 3-35mm
Speed Max800rpm Max600rpm Max500rpm Max450rpm
Twisting Pitch 20-200mm 20-300mm 20-400mm 30-500mm
Pay-off Bobbin Size Ф 500mm Ф 500-Ф630mm Ф 500-630mm Ф 500-Ф630mm
Take-Up Bobbin Size Ф 630mm Ф 800mm Ф 1000mm Ф 1250mm
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